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Wordpress Plugin - Iframe Embedder

Another straight to the point solution
This plugin is really no big deal, but I couldn't find a working plugin for this.

Thanks to it you can write in your post something like this (remove space before iframe):

[ iframe http://de77.com 100% 200]

and it will be converted into iframe with width = 100% and height = 200px.

Starting from version 1.2 you can add 2 more parameters to specify X and Y position to scroll the frame contents to:

[ iframe http://de77.com 100% 200 40 60]

Address can be relative like '/homepage/' if you want to insert something from your own website in an iframe.

Width and height might use % or px units. If you omit the unit- px will be used.

To install just unzip in your wp-content/plugins directory and activate in your admin panel.

Update 11.02.2010:
Now comes with setting page where you can configure the plugin

Update 04.03.2010:
Now you can hide scrollbars and border or the scroll content to predefined point.

Update 24.08.2010:
Better quality of generated HTML code + support for excerpts


NSIMCannot control width and height when embedding Bitchute video. Even if I put 640px x 480px, seems to be Bitchute default size that overrides as 518 x 291. .