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Is there any disk faster than SSD?

While traditional HDD drives are capacious and cheap they aren’t very fast. Usually 100 MB/s is what you get and only when working with huge files, preferably over 1 GB. So while SSD are about 10 times more expensive per GB than HDD today, they get more and more popular thanks to their impressive speed- […]

[WIN] Stop programs from maximizing near the screen edge

Windows 7 by default tries to maximize windows when they are close to the edge of your screen. This behavior is not useful if you like (or have to) organize many windows on your screen. To disable them go to: Control Panel –> Easy of Access -> Ease of Access Center –> Make the mouse […]

[WIN] How to disable window animations in Windows7?

Window animations in Windows 7, like maximizing and minimizing not only waste your CPU cycles but also require you to wait until they finished animating before you can do your next move. Sure, this isn’t taking long, but it is taking enough to make me irritated. So I did turn them off and now everything […]

How to increase number of simultaneous downloads in Firefox?

To increase number of downloads to more then 6 at once enter in Firefox’s address bar: about:config and then look for value: network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server which by default is 6. You can change this value to 20 or 30 to speed up websites. However keep in mind that some servers might block you if you try to […]

[APACHE] Error .htaccess: RewriteEngine not allowed here

If you got 500 Internal Server Error: and checked Apache logs to find this: .htaccess: RewriteEngine not allowed here then you need to edit your Apache configuration file named httpd.conf and you should add AllowOverride directive. For example you might add to the <VirtualHost *:80> this:  

[WIN] How to change brightness of Windows 7 taskbar?

If you find Windows 7 taskbar a little too bright or just want to change its transparency or color then follow these 2 steps. 1a. Click Start menu then in the Search field enter “enable or disable transparent glass”. Click this item. OR 1b. Click Start menu then Settings->Control Panel. In the Control Panel find […]

[CSS] Transparent input fields not clickable in IE8

So you have an input field on your page which is transparent, like this:

#my_form input[type=”text”]
border: none;
background-color: transparent;

It works great in Chrome, Firefox and Opera but somehow is not click-able in IE8?

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