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Import Excel (XLS) document into MySQL database

Another straight to the point solution
The best way to read XLS files in PHP is using PHPExcelReader. It's a great class because it does not use any COM objects, however the downloadable package on SourceForge sometimes contains invalid XLS or example files, so I prepared a working package and you get get it here:

And here's an example how to read an XLS file and create SQL queries for MySQL database:

include 'Excel/reader.php';
$data = new Spreadsheet_Excel_Reader();

$sql = "INSERT INTO `table` (";
for ($j = 2; $j <= $data->sheets[0]['numCols']; $j++) 
	$sql .= "`" . mysql_escape_string($data->sheets[0]['cells'][1][$j]) . "`,";
$sql = substr($sql, 0, -1) . ") VALUES\r\n";
for ($i = 2; $i <= $data->sheets[0]['numRows']; $i++) 
	$sql .= "(";
	for ($j = 2; $j <= $data->sheets[0]['numCols']; $j++) 
		$sql .= "'" . mysql_escape_string($data->sheets[0]['cells'][$i][$j]) . "',";
	$sql = substr($sql, 0, -1) . "),\r\n";
$sql =  substr($sql, 0, -3) . ";";

echo '<pre>';
echo $sql;

It will output something like this:
INSERT INTO `table` (`First`,`Middle`,`Last`,`Email`) VALUES


CrisIt's not working with xslx files, is it ? Tks!
de77No, sorry. This only works with XLS files. XLSX files are basically ZIP files with XML inside so you might want to just unzip them and edit XML.