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How to style HTML file upload with CSS?

Another straight to the point solution
Styling <input type="file"> is problematic, because most of the browsers don't apply any styling to it.
But there is a nice hack, which works in major browser (including Firefox and Internet Explorer).
You just need to place a span, and in that space- nice looking text field which will imitate upload field and then the right upload field, but with opacity = 0. When your user will click on the text field we will actually click on the upload field which is invisible but placed on top of the input field. An a browser dialog box will appear.
You can can just copy the chosen file name to your input field with JavaScript.
Here's a sample code to do the above:

	<span style="position: relative">
		<span style="position:absolute; top:0; left:0; width:100px; filter:alpha(opacity=0); opacity:0.0; overflow:hidden"> 
			<input type="file" name=excel onpropertychange="fake_upload.value=this.value" style="height:28px;width:100px;cursor:hand;"> 
		<input type="text" name="fake_upload" style="width: 100px">