Wordpress Plugin- Add rel=”nofollow” to links in posts in chosen categories

This plugin will add “nofollow” attribute to all links in every post in chosen categories. You can choose categories on the plugin’s setting page:

So this:

<a href="http://de77.com">Click here</a>

will be automatically converted into this:

<a href="http://de77.com" rel="nofollow">Click here</a>

What will this give you? Here’s an explanation from Wikipedia:

“Google announced in early 2005 that hyperlinks with rel=”nofollow” attribute[4] would not influence the link target’s PageRank. In addition, the Yahoo and Bing search engines also respect this attribute.”

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21 Responses to “Wordpress Plugin- Add rel=”nofollow” to links in posts in chosen categories”

  1. Storm Says:


    Plugin works great! just a couple of questions:

    1. Is there anyway to add a site wide exception? Say, some of my posts had links to another blog of mine and I didn’t want to nofollow those links, but the posts also contained links to external sites, which I did want to nofollow.

    2. If the plugin is deactivated, or uninstalled, do the rel=”nofollow” tags remain in place, or will I have to repeat the process, say after a WP or Theme upgrade?


  2. Free Wordpress Themes Says:

    Nice Post… Thanks :)

  3. admin Says:

    1. I will try to add this feature in the next release of the plugin.
    2. If you deactivate the plugin then rel=”nofollow” will dissapear.

  4. Info Says:

    Adding a site wide no follow will only hurt your rank, google likes to see “trusted” out going links. They only really shun “paid” links or “affiliate” links. You want to also keep links that deep link into your site as this adds to your google luv.

  5. Noel Says:

    Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for as I run an affiliate blog.

  6. xbox 360 console Says:


    It is a nice plugin, unfortunately it isn’t working for me not sure why. I have removed and readded all posts to see if it adds no-follow only on the new posts only but nothing seems to be happening.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

  7. admin Says:

    Have you set what categories should be filtered? Are your posts in these categories? Do you use any caching plugin?

  8. anuj Says:

    thanks buddy

  9. ravi Says:

    well thanks mate this what i am looking for :)

  10. ravi Says:

    thanks mate that is what i am looking for

    cheers :)

  11. lingerie sexy Says:

    Thx man…

  12. Consumer Proposal Says:

    Thanks! Great Plug-in!

  13. Josh Says:

    Thanks for this plugin. Works great !!

  14. Y8 Says:

    Thanks! I was really looking for this plugins…

  15. John Says:

    I am glad I found this as I keep forgetting to do it manually. Thanks :)

  16. Sinkronizirano Says:

    Great plugin, using it on my blogs, looking forward to new features!

  17. LendingHealth Says:

    Thanks, been stuck with this no follow thing for a while. Hopefully this will help me out. Going to play with it now. Thanks again.

  18. james Says:

    nice and thx

  19. Taimoor Says:

    Isn’t there any plugin which create an option for making link nofollow while creating it?

  20. Taimoor Says:

    I mean if I want to convert just one or two links in any single post then?
    Thanks in advance

  21. admin Says:

    Just edit the post and put the rel=”nofollow” in your links manually.

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