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PHP: Smarty: {foreach} doesn't render my array

Working with arrays in Smarty templates
On one of the websites I work with I couldn't render an array in a smarty template. My code looked like this:

{foreach from=$myarray key=mykey item=items}


	{foreach from=$items item=it}



I used print_r in my controller to show content of $myarray and it was just fine. After a while I found the error: Zend Framework did not allow me
to work directly on an array which is to be passed to Smarty.
So instead of:
$this->view->myarray = array();
foreach ($array AS $ar)
	$this->view->myarray[$ar['name']] = $ar;
I had to use:
$temp = array();
foreach ($array AS $ar)
	$temp[$ar['name']] = $ar;
$this->view->myarray = $temp;
Kinda weird behavior, but...